Terry cloth manufacturing

Textile manufacturing is one of the most important sectors of the Turkish economy with its strong traditions and well-known names. We are pleased to be part of this business and strive to be among the best. In order to grow we need to not only adapt to the changes but also initiate them. That is why we are always ready for new challenges, looking for the new opportunities and developing new solutions. Our advantages in the field of technology are complemented by the high quality of the raw materials used, the professionalism of the craftsmen and effective management processes. As a result, our customers stay with us for a long time, because we strive to ensure that as many people as possible use high-quality, durable, energy-saving and inexpensive home textiles.  

30+ years we specialize on warp-knitted fabrics manufacturing
10000 sq.m. our production area
1000 m/hr knitting speed of our machines
150000 kg of fabric produced monthly
30+ countries importing our fabrics


We offer attractive cooperation conditions for trading companies, owners of textile brands and sewing studious.
We produce fully customized fabrics regarding color, density and finishing options. Digital printing on fabric, embossing or hot stamping, embroidery and a huge selection of accessories makes possible to realize almost any design idea.

Owners of textile brands can place an order with us for the production of finished products of any level of complexity - towels, bathrobes.
For hospitality segment and industrial laundries we offer terry fabrics for eco-towels and bathrobes. Savings in operation are achieved due to less water and chemicals for washing, less time and energy for drying, higher durability and longer lifetime of towels and robes. Once started to use terry products from "mayer" knitted fabrics hotels never want to get back to conventional terry textile.
Mayer knitted fabrics are perfectly applied for sublimation printing. We supply blank fabrics for printing or finished products: beach towels, promotional towels, bathrobes and beach ponchos. 
Check our terry fabrics and ready garments from catalog.
Our sales team will be happy to provide you with detailed information about each of our products and answer all your questions.

Write us an email: info@mayerorme.com
Office: +90 258 502 00 33
Cell phone: +90 533 434 75 44