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All our fabrics are certified with OEKO-TEX


Front side - polyester velour
Reverse side - cotton terry
Composition: 60% cotton, 40% microfiber 

Width - 150-160 sm
Weight - 280-350 GSM

Our special Double Touch Terry Fabric
is a new trend for home textile due to its outstanding features:


  • Snag-proof,
  • Easy to cut it and sew,
  • Superior and long lasting softness without compromising on absorbency,
  • Allows to save up to 40% energy for drying according to weaved terry fabrics,
  • Rupture and tear up strength is 3 times higher than for waved fabrics,
  • Yarn piles are resistant to be pulled out what makes terry products life last long,
  • Absorbing large amounts of water that makes it perfect for light, voluminous and lofty towels and bathrobes,
  • Various patterns and colours are possible according to customers’ choice,
  • Shortly shaved polyester side is perfect for digital or sublimation printing. 


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