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All our fabrics are certified with OEKO-TEX


Microfibers are very small strands of synthetic fibers that are knitted together. 
Microfiber fabrics are highly versatile and popular for a wide variety of uses.
It is a material that is permeable to water and, on the contrary, impermeable to air.
It ensures absorption and fast drying.
Made of soft material, the microfiber is suitable for making clothes including lingerie, towels, beach clothes and cleaning materials.

Warp-knitted microfiber has a stable structure, does not let the piles out from the structure preventing snags. 
Composition: 100% polyester
Front side - velour or terry loops
Reverse side - terry loops
Width - 150 sm
Weight - 220-310 GSM
Any customized colour according to selected pantone.
Application: sport and home clothes, bathrobes, poncho, towels.

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