Bathrobes for kids

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All our fabrics are certified with OEKO-TEX

Bathrobes for kids

Bathrobes for kids

What are the essentials for the cute bathrobe that every kid will love to wear after a bath or shower?
Soft, light and fluffy terry cloth fabric, funny accessories, bright colours - we can combine all to make customized bathrobes for kids, sizes from 0+ to 12 years. 

Fabrics that suits the best for kids bathrobes: 
Double Touch Cotton 250-400 GSM
Double Touch Bamboo 320 GSM
Cotton Terry 300-400 GSM
Tender Touch Bamboo 250 GSM

You may select any colour for kids bathrobe. 
We dye fabrics only with high quality reagents - standard dyeing for washing with 40
 °C (104 °F) or special dyeing that prevents colour transfer and allows to wash robes with 90 °C ( 194 °F).
All our knitted fabrics are excellent for tender and sensitive skin, hypoallergenic. Bathrobes remain soft for long time. 

You will find more knitted terry cloth fabrics in our fabric catalogue.

We supply fabric in rolls or ready made terry robes and towels made with energy efficient knitted terry fabrics crafted according to your model, colors and sizes with any desired accessories. Our production team will be able to fulfill your every requirement.

Contact us to order samples and to get price quotation for selected terry cloth fabrics, towels or bathrobes. 
Leave us your query by e-mail: or send your message from the chat widget. We will be happy to provide you with all detales about our products and answer all your questions.


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