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What we do

About Us

All our fabrics are certified with OEKO-TEX

We produce high quality warp-knitted terry fabric which is perfect for:

- Bath towels,

- Beach towels,

- Towels for hotels, hospitals, pools and SPA salons,

- Promotional towels,

- Bathrobes,

- Home clothes,

- Soft toys,

- Home slippers,

- Bed covers,

- Promotional terry products.


We use only superior quality yarns to make our fabric soft, voluminous and non-allergenic.

One or two-sided terry fabric has high water-absorbing characteristics. It is resistant to loops pull-out and can look like new even after 500 washing cycles.

High quality cotton, bamboo and polyester yarns allows us to obtain the optimum ratio of the components according of the final product characteristics.

We work together with our customers to create the exact fabric they need.

Our services:


Create design or pattern of fabric

Produce fabric according to customer specification

Dye in any colour with reactive or Indanthrene dyeing

Rotary or digital printing

Making ready towels, bathrobes or other terry products

Select fabric that match your requirements best

Our bestsellers:

Double Touch Bamboo – front side microfiber velour, reverse side is bamboo terry

MicroCotton –very soft and fluffy double sided cotton terry made with special MicroCotton yarn