Our guarantees

About Us

All our fabrics are certified with OEKO-TEX

We are in textile business for over 30 years we understand how quality is important to be different from competitors. 

Working with us you may be confident that we do what we promise.

To achieve excellent quality of fabrics why we perform quality control at every stage of production and dyeing. 

We especially take care the yarns used, arrangements of our knitting equipment, knitting process itself, quality of shearing and dying. 

High quality of row materials, modern equipment and experienced team of professionals creates sinergy to achieve high quality of fabrics.

We keep our premises clean and dust-free to avoid equipment contamination.

All our fabrics are certified with OEKO-TEX 100.

We accept payment when the fabrics are ready for delivery and the quality is controlled - you will not have risk of loosing your money due to defected product recieve. 

If you are not happy with quality of our fabrics - inform us - we will find the best solution for you.